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Welcome to my website. If you are an entrepreneur, considering starting a business. or are bootstrapping (self funding) a business, your results are tied very closely to your personal productivity. The ability to handle your business effectively is a massive value multiplier for any entrepreneur. Here, you will get information that is broken up into 3 core areas:


You must learn how to thinkĀ  as an entrepreneur. Thinking tools & mental models are often overlooked, but they make a huge difference to your outcomes. Work on developing a creative, problem-solving mindset and learn how to be strategic & precise in your decision making.


Learn how to apply marketing & sales skills to everything you do. You don’t have to be great at sales, but you must become great at marketing. Nothing moves the needle more than good marketing, and it’s the difference between a little income and financial freedom.


Develop the knowledge & insight about entrepreneurship, success, and how to succeed in a rapidly changing environment. Consistently learn as much as you can from other successful entrepreneurs, especially in your area. More importantly, apply what you learn.

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Join other entrepreneurs who are learning skills that allow them to to start, build, and grow their own highly-profitable business from home.

Creating a Digital Asset

Dropshipping & E-Commerce

Trading Different Currencies



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